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"Future Manager" does not identify a manager’s profile but a company’s situation that requires strategizing an evolution in the short term future.

We are increasingly perceived as an "HR External Change Factor" with a role that is not additional but complementary to our clients’ needs, whichever of our HR solutions they decide to use.

Consequently, even the HR solution designed and adopted itself becomes an "External Change Factor".

It is on this concept that all Future Manager’s women and men base their mission globally.

It is on this concept that since 2012 we have based the business model that today allows us to be operating in 34 countries.

It is on this basis that I hope Future Manager will be your next "HR External Change Factor"

Salvatore Corradi – Gründer von Future Manager

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From pure manufacturing to strategic marketing, technological processes are increasingly taking on a pervasive dimension and embracing the entire management process of any company.

These processes will be gaining ever greater importance and will increasingly influence the needs expressed by the HR market.

New skills, new human resources and new HR solutions will be a critical success factor for companies.

We strongly believe in this and we consider it to be the key factor in the interpretation of the short-term future, whichever HR solution provided by Future Manager you decide to adopt..


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